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What We Learned About The 49ers In 2017

The 49ers are no longer a pushover team. It’s still a little early to crown Jimmy Garoppolo, Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch, but it is hard to not like what we are witnessing right in front of our eyes. After starting the season 0-9, the 49ers amazingly finished the season 6-10, including five straight victories. For the last few years however, opposing ... More

Misdirected Hatred: In Defense of Jed York

Jed York is not the enemy. That’s a pretty controversial statement within this Empire and I’m sure a lot of Faithfuls just took exception to it. It’s okay; I understand completely where you’re coming from. In fact, after Jim Harbaugh was fired – and yes, semantics aside, he was fired – I was screaming from the rooftops along with the rest ... More

49ers Kyle Shanahan: Savior or Bust?

When NFL fans normally read 51 pass attempts in a game, they probably assume the team was involved in an offensive shootout with lofty statistics. That team is not the San Francisco 49ers. Despite working without arguably their two best offensive players, Pierre Garcon (broken bone in his neck) and Joe Staley (broken orbital bone), head coach Kyle ... More

Navarro Bowman Being Belittled

Perhaps it’s time to see Navorro Bowman from his perspective. After all, he has been with the 49ers since 2010. Bowman is a three time Pro Bowl Player (2012, 2013, 2015). He has made over 671 tackles, four interceptions, one forced fumble, and one touchdown in his career. Not too bad for an established Pro Bowl player who has a new head coach Mike ... More

49ers Expectation From Fans in 2017

The Niners' empire has mixed emotions as they go into this year. Jed York has stepped back as the face of the 49ers and a higher definition picture has come in focus with Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch as not only the faces of the franchise, but has made fans think with both getting six-year contracts gives the best chance to compete in the next two years. ... More

49ers Still Suffering from Jed York

As everyone knows, Jed York single handily destroyed the San Francisco 49ers. Now, in 2017, the 49ers are still suffering. Watching the latest 49ers preseason game, many thoughts came to mind. It’s amazing how one man could destroy a team so quickly. Many hardcore faithful 49er fans still have not gotten over it. Nobody could blame them, as we all ... More

Solomon Thomas vs. Reuben Foster – Who Will Have More of an Impact this Season?

It's very understandable as to why San Francisco 49ers fans are anxious to get the 2017 NFL season underway in order to help erase painful memories from a dismal 2016. With last season's 2-14 record being the icing on the cake for a franchise going through a turbulent tailspin, 49ers owner Jed York had to act fast in order to start getting this team headed ... More