Niner Gang

Bryan Bauer Owner & Host Of Niners Radio

Bryan is a radio personality of a growing sports internet podcast. I’ve been a 49er Faithful going over 30 Years now .Living in Chicago and supporting the 49ers fans have been a challenge. He has grown with The Niner Empire and being a platform for the Chapters to get there voice heard. Now working very close with the 49er front office with the PR department and Media department and that is his way to give back to the Empire. Follow him on twitter @ninersradio and listen to him every Wednesday



Deena Howard Co Host

Deena is a Co-host and the producer for Niners Radio. She is a writer but, would much rather talk it. Deena is a Passionate football fan and a Die hard Faithful Niner Fan who can talk it 24/7/365 and the biggest Brian Hoyer supporter. She is a huge sports fan of all sports and loves to talk any sport and does it with knowledge. She also producer of “Why so Serious MMA.” She is involved with Charities including working closely with Ex Niner players. Follow her on Twitter @Norcalninergirl



Matt Andruscavage

Matt Andruscavage Editor

Matt  is a long-time sports fan and writer for The Grueling Truth and The Niner Empire. As a 49ers fan for over 30 years, Matt enjoys writing about both the rich tradition of the 49ers’ past as well as today’s team. Follow Matt on Twitter – @mtascavage





Paul T Williams (Writer)

Paul is a hardcore 49ers fan since the glory days of Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. He shares his passion of the Niners through YouTube videos giving his insights on upcoming games.His YouTube is BigThizzle75. Follow him on twitter @thizzle75



Anthony Torres

Anthony is a 49ers fan since 1966, Anthony is a blogger and writes Articles on different sites for USC also.