Misdirected Hatred: In Defense of Jed York

Jed York is not the enemy. That’s a pretty controversial statement within this Empire and I’m sure a lot of Faithfuls just took exception to it. It’s okay; I understand completely where you’re coming from. In fact, after Jim Harbaugh was fired – and yes, semantics aside, he was fired – I was screaming ... More

49ers vs. Texans: Five Takeaways

Montana! Brady! The future has arrived! 2018 Super Bowl, here we come! The comparisons and the hyperbole came in fast and loose from the moment Jimmy Garoppolo snapped the ball against the Seahawks in the waning seconds of the 4th quarter. They continued throughout the Niners road game at Soldier Field and leading ... More

Garoppolo Leads the 49ers to a victory and into a new era.

Last week, during what is commonly referred to as “garbage time” against the Seattle Seahawks, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo replaced C.J. Beathard after a minor injury and for a moment – 49ers Faithfuls saw the future. Garoppolo took only 18 seconds to show off his mobility, accuracy and poise under pressure, ... More