Step aside Steph: Jimmy G now reigns

Sorry Stephen Curry, the Bay Area has a new king in town.

49ers quarterback (QB) Jimmy Garoppolo has guided four straight wins while throwing for 1,250 yards in the process. That’s more than Kurt Warner’s 1,217 yards over his first four starts with the St. Louis Rams in 1999 in route to the Super Bowl.

To add: Garoppolo isn’t exactly working with the, “Greatest show on turf.” Instead, his primary wide receiver (WR) Pierre Garcon is on Injured Reserve (IR) and his current #1 WR Marquise Goodwin had 431 receiving yards in 2016. He already has 356 yards in the last four games alone.

Is Garoppolo the next Joe Montana? It’s way too early to tell. But he can be an elite QB next year under offensive guru Kyle Shanahan and added talent via free agency/the draft.

True, defenses will have an entire offseason to dissect Garoppolo. He will need to handle inevitable adversity and teammate’s pressure on his shoulders.

“We’re building something special here,” Matt Breida, Running Back, said. “I plan on winning a Super Bowl.” Wow. But the 49ers only won five games this year. Isn’t it a little early to predict a championship run? Not for team veteran tackle Joe Staley.

“It’s like having Tom Brady,” Staley said. You can’t be serious. Garoppolo is on par with the greatest quarterback of all time?

“I don’t know,” Staley admitted. “I never played with him. But it feels like it would be. And after where we’ve been, trust me, we’ll take it.”

Garoppolo seems poised to handle expectations. But the 49ers QB position is the most prominent role in Bay Area sports. According to Forbes, The 49ers are ranked #5 in the most valuable team in sports. And that number could grow real soon.

They still need a corner, elite pass rusher and an improved offensive line. But they have over $100 million in cap space via free agency and a top-10 pick in the draft.

But Garoppolo just shredded the #1 defense in the NFL. What happens when he learns the entire playbook? How dangerous will they be when he has legitimate options at WR?
70,133 fans in attendance Sunday chanted, “M-V-P!” According to Staley, Garoppolo’s true campaign begins next year.

“I can’t wait to hear those chants for real next year.”

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