49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo can wait a little longer

He answered every question we threw at him.

49ers HC Kyle Shanahan finally broke through and won his first game in his tenure as head coach. Forget the fact they played the lowly New York Giants. That doesn’t matter.

These two teams are headed towards vastly different destinations. The New York Giants have dealt with rumors they hate their head coach. Not good. After their first win in ten games, players were waiting on the sideline to hug Shanahan. They were celebrating in the locker room like they just won the Super Bowl.

“Not everybody sees what we see in the locker room. They don’t understand how close we are. No one has ever wavered. No one has ever pointed fingers. We’ve all just buckled down. That’s a tribute to Kyle [Shanahan] and the leadership group that he brought in,” 49ers tackle Joe Staley said.

These players genuinely believe in Shanahan. The team trusts their coach will lead them to future glory. That’s what matters. To establish a winning culture in a franchise you have to win at some point. And apparently the 49ers are improving on both sides of the ball.

According to 49ers Press Democrat, the 49ers significantly improved in three important aspects: Third Down Offense, Third Down Defense, and Penalties. All three of these categories killed the 49ers in the first games of the season. The offense couldn’t sustain drives and the defense couldn’t get off the field.

What’s the difference? 49ers QB C.J. Beathard is looking a lot more comfortable in this complex offense. You can’t bench him now.

The future of the franchise can wait

I understand completely, coach. I can tell you’re itching to see 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo in action. But you have to wait at least one more game. Your players are in a state of euphoria right now. Starting Garoppolo in place of the “hot hand” Beathard against the Seattle Seahawks is not a good idea. The 49ers will not win this game.

If you allow Jimmy G to get pummeled out there against a division rival it will ruin all confidence your team just placed in you. Start him against the 3-6 Bears squad, instead. Give him a chance to flourish in the beginning of a new era. 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo may be itching to get on the field. But it’s in his best interest to wait a little longer.

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