49ers Expectation From Fans in 2017

The Niners’ empire has mixed emotions as they go into this year. Jed York has stepped back as the face of the 49ers and a higher definition picture has come in focus with Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch as not only the faces of the franchise, but has made fans think with both getting six-year contracts gives the best chance to compete in the next two years.

Jim Harbaugh left after the 2015 season and not did only that raise some eyebrows around the league but the players knew what was coming as well. The word no competitive player wanted to hear and that it is time to rebuild. In the Harbaugh era in a four year span the 49ers went 44-19-1 record with three NFC title game appearances and a loss in Super bowl XLVII.

After an 8-8 finish in year four in 2014, Jed York and Trent Baalke thought it was the best for the team to release Coach Harbaugh and move on. 2015 they gave the coaching job to Player and fan favorite Jim Tomsula but not only that was a mistake but the retirements of All Pro linebacker Patrick Willis, linebacker Chris Borland and the departures of All pro running back Frank Gore, number one pick in 2010 Pro Bowl left guard Mike Iupati and the number one wide receiver for three out of four years Michael Crabtree.

The team finished the 2015 Season with a 5-11 team. York once again heard the heat from the fans and let go of Jim Tomsula and brought in the one person that would take the Job and that was Chip Kelly in 2016. This was even worse choice as the franchise hit a team low and finish the season with a 2-14 record and Plaines flying over calling for Jed’s firing.

York new he had to do something and that was to fire Trent Baalke the GM and hire the best coach and GM but had to make sure they would work well together. One week before Super Bowl LI, Shanahan made social media go crazy and said goodbye to his coaches and would make it official that he was going to 49ers after the season.

What no one knew was who would be the GM and the rumors where it was going to come down to Elliot Wolf from Green Bay Packers and George Patton of the Minnesota Vikings. On Jan. 29, the 49ers shocking the work by hiring one of the top broadcaster on Fox and that was John Lynch.

The 49ers have turned over this roster and brought in football players to the 49ers. The question that every Niner fan has on their mind is did they bring in the right players and will the fan base have the patience of a 6-8 win in 2017?

They have added some nice talented pieces such as defensive lineman Solomon Thomas and everyone electrifying player from Alabama, linebacker Reuben Foster. They also added running back Joe Williams, tight end George Kittle, Trent Taylor, quarterback Brian Hoyer, wide receiver Marquise Goodwin and fullback Kyle Juszczyk.

Give this new era in San Francisco two more years and it might be a lot of up and down games but it will be worth the ride.

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2 Replies to "49ers Expectation From Fans in 2017"

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    Misrayn mendoza
    August 30, 2017 (5:43 am)

    Im faihtfull no matter what back in the day in 1979 we also have bad sasons but the master bill walsh come in ant we win 3 super bowls 16 19 23 so i dont see wy not do this again go niners

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    August 31, 2017 (10:24 am)

    Simple fact there going the right direction as 49er fans we need to be patient.I love what I see,a family growing again.dynasty is being built.

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